Etang De Gruyere

It’s a one day trip to see all so it’s no brainer really. Just a nice weather is the key factor here to make this trip worth.

Recommended visiting sequence if driving from south (e.g. Lausanne) is to take Biel/Bienne first, have a lunch, drink coffee, no rush ;) …

Done? Now go to Taubenloch. I’ve selected few links about it but it is really easy to find information in internet:

One note here, we’ve taken trail from the other side that is not from Biel/Bienne but from train station in Frinvillier where we left a car. Getting to the actual trail is not very easy, signs are not well exposed. Near entrance however there is a restaurant so look for it. If you now think that there should be a parking to leave a car you are right but parking is for clients only. Trail takes about an hour both ways … if you plan to take pictures add additional 30 minutes :) .. there is an option to go back with a bus or train but I do not think it’s worth it.

Time for Etang de Gruyere. In one word: marvelous. Reminds me of one place in Poland, Black Pond in Niepołomice Forest. There is a trail around a lake, easy but maybe marshy in some places so take proper shoes. Great place to stay a bit longer….