Bretagne .. last day.

Lac de Sylans

Short trip to France …





“Into the blue”



Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

One flight delayed, the connecting one left without me … just missed it 10 minutes and had to stay in FRA for 3 hours. Good beer though and view from window.

Kaufdorf car junkyard, Switzerland

I’ve been there today hoping to make some photographs but there are no cars left anymore. I talked to an owner of the place and he told that all cars were sold via auctions some time ago. So if you’re fan of such places don’t waste your time, there’s nothing left.

Junkyard was here.

Incredibile oldtimer car collection in Cortaillod, Switzerland

Incredibile place! Over 120 old cars in perfect condition from Ford Model T to Pagani Zonda. You may very well think that they left the production line few days ago and just wait for the owner to take a weekend ride. Collected and cared for over decades with passion by one man Charles G. Renaud. This is one of the greatest european colletions. Now they rest with foundation in Cortaillod. Unfortunate is that there is so little inforrmation about this place in the net and it deserves to be seen. So this is my part showing you what is there. Enjoy.

Steelwork in Maleniec

What you can find in Maleniec is a unique in Europe technical relic of the past. It’s a steelwork which was rolling steel and manufacturing farming utensils using only the power of water. History of this place reaches XVIII century. It was still used by Nazi during the WW2 but instead of water they used fuel engine to drive machines. Steelwork was closed in 1967 and listed in Registration of Monuments.

I do recommend to visit. For more then 10 visitors they can still switch the machinery on so you can feel how it was in its glory days.

Exact location here.

Scheibler power plant in Łódź