I tried to revisit after two years Lac De Moiry which is about 140 km from Lausanne. Tried. Weather was and still is great, about 16C in Lausanne and in Grimentz which is 8 km from the lake it was 14C. The whole region is bathing in the sun for the last week or so. This is the official weather report – screen made today of course.


And you know what? Road between Grimentz and Lac De Moiry was closed … due to coming winter I presume because the information was in French (of course).

To put that into proper context here is the photograph taken almost exactly 2 years ago (11.01.2013) at the lake:


As you can see lake is already covered by ice, the weather was far from great, it was cold and at night it was way below zero … and back then the road was open – I drove it. I have no clue what happened but probably there is this yearly schedule which says the winter is coming so nobody questions it … one quote fits here perfectly “if facts contradict theory, then so much the worse for the facts” G.Hegel

View from Grimenzt: