Finally had some time to test new toy from Cokin! Shortly about Cokin Z-Pro holder.

Build quality of the holder is superb, no question about it, durable construction which will last forever … but that’s expectable and I’m not going to write about obvious. I’ll write about problems. The biggest and in fact the only problem for me right now is that holder is vignetting. I’m currently using a full-frame camera Canon 6D and the lens to which holder was attached is Canon 17-40L 4.0.

Here is an example @ 17mm – you can clearly see on both sides that last filter slot is vignetting

CokinTest 1

changing focal length to 20mm (below) or longer eliminates vignetting but it can hardly be considered as a solution.

CokinTest 2

Both photographs are just from the camera and were not edited in any way.

There is however a workaround … sort of. Holder has two filter slots which are screwed on both sides, you can unscrew one slot and that of course will eliminate vignetting but you will be able to use only one filter at a time. If you do not need to stack filters this is a workaround.

Right now I’m using only gradual filters strictly for landscape photography but I’ve realized that there might be another problem: holder might not work well with ND filters and especially those with higher factors like ND6, why? Simply due to light leakage between filter and the holder. There is a slight gap through which light may leak during long exposure shots. But that is rather a guess because I’ve never used ND filters on it.

I’ll be testing Z-Pro set continuously and maybe add some comments to this post after some time.